The Board – by Artscapades

Artscapades encourages other peers at schools to create art and express themselves. The artworks are then collected and put up for display each month in the respective school. This is a great medium to leverage an open, free and judgement-free platform to nurture artistic and creative abilities.

The AUGUST EDITION includes artworks from Grades IX to XII. The paintings displayed various art styles like realism, abstract, cubism, and so on; making use of different mediums like watercolour, charcoal, acrylic, soft pastels and much more.

The artists for the month are Hannah Thakkar (Grade 9), Neev Tehalyani (Grade 9), Rucha Patel (Grade 9), Hitanshi Patel (Grade 9), Gurvi Patel (Grade 10), Vishwa Soni (Grade 11), Jahnvi Patel (Grade 12), Shreyansika Singh (Grade 12), Nainal Dad (Grade 12), and Rudra Patel (Grade 12).

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