The Board – by Artscapades

Artscapades encourages other peers at school to create art and express themselves.

Weekly Rendezvous

Artscapades organised a weekly meet-up on the 10th of July 2022.

Visits to Hutheesing and Archer Art Galleries

Artscapades organises visits to renowned art galleries to explore art and learn

Art Campaigns

Out of many initiatives, Artscapades also raises funds to support the


Artscapades organises an Artethon, a day-long event dedicated to painting—a day entirely

Artscapades Cinemascope

Artscapades organises occasional movie screenings of films based on art and

Artscapades – The Virtual Visual Art Gallery

“Artscapades”, a virtual art gallery, was launched to showcase the artworks of